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March 18, 2021

Support Philanthropic Projects by Buying at DUA MARKETPLACE!

It’s been a few months now that dua marketplace has been made available to everyone to buy Albanian products. However, by buying in dua marketplace, in addition to supporting Albanian artists, you can also support other projects too!

Projects aimed at philanthropy, education, investment, and more. This was made possible thanks to a collaboration between dua marketplace, Global Albanians Foundation and Germin NGO, whose goal is to further engage the Diaspora. All you have to do is buy with a checkout code at dua marketplace!

The code is GL-ALB

When you buy at dua marketplace and use the GL-ALB code 2% of the revenue from those sales will be collected in to a separate fund. The fund will be used to support projects in Albanian-speaking countries, mainly in the field of philanthropy. Thus, in addition to buying unique products made in the homeland, you also help to support new and important projects.

What can you buy at dua marketplace?

In the marketplace that brings together the best Albanian artists, you can find products that suit all tastes and all ages. Starting from the clothes, blouses, and T-shirts with Albanian symbols. To go further with printed paintings, decorative plates, and other artistic products, which can be ideal gifts for your loved ones.

Remember that dua marketplace offers worldwide shipping! If you have not yet browsed our products do so now! Visit dua marketplace!