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September 7, 2020

Phase 2 Application Form: Project Proposals for Earthquake Relief

Primary Evaluation Criteria

This call for proposals is open to (i) nongovernmental organizations; (ii) municipalities and communes; (iii) universities and educational institutions and (iv) private organizations.

The main criteria for evaluating concept ideas are as follows:

  1. Emergencies that have identified potential for intervention.
  2. Providing support in an areas affected by the earthquake where there is still significant need for intervention
  3. Importance and added value of the proposed intervention.
  4. The novelty of the proposed idea.
  5. Preference will be given to the priority themes of the GAF — Housing, Education, Health Care, Youth — but all proposals are welcome.
  6. Demonstration of implementation capacity based on past experience.
  7. Opportunity for operating costs as low or zero as possible from the applicant organization (our main goal is to get our funds to those in need).
  8. Number of beneficiaries from the project.

Please note that all grants will be between $10,000-$30,000, and total around $140,000, with no more than ten grants to be awarded. There will be two rounds to project evaluation.

August 26-September 13 — Applications Open for Round 1
September 14-September 20 — Round 1 Evaluation
September 21-September 27 — The selected organizations from Round 1 will be asked for more information and to discuss and elaborate their proposals, and to provide any additional documents that the GAF might request

September 28-October 4 — Round 2 Evaluation
October 5-October 11 – Final grant winners selected and announced
October 12-16 – Contracts with selected organizations to be finalized

Questions should be sent to Lirim Krasniqi of Germin at [email protected] as Germin is managing this effort for the GAF. Thank you very much.

Application Form