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Fondacioni Fundjave Ndryshe (FFN): House Furniture for Two Families

August 2, 2020


Amount Raised






– NGO Partner: Fundjave Ndryshe
– Theme: Housing, Earthquake Relief
– Location: Lushnje, Fier
– Date: Summer 2020
– Amount Raised: $10,000
– Partners: Local Municipalities

– Description: Through this initiative, Fundjave Ndryshe Foundation in collaboration with Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) was able to provide complete furnishing for 2 houses that were affected by the earthquake. The beneficiaries of this assistance were one family from Lushnje and another one from Fier. Each family received complete kitchen, living room, and bedroom furniture, and all necessary laundry and other appliances valued at $5,000 each per family.

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