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Artpolis Kosova Documentary Film on The Life of a Woman Living with Muscular Dystrophy in Kosova

December 2, 2021


Amount Raised






– NGO Partner: Artpolis
– Theme: Culture/Arts
– Location: Prishtina
– Date: December 2021
– Amount Raised: $34,000

– Description: The Global Albanians Foundation supported Artpolis and the talented film industry in Kosova by facilitating a $30,000 donation from the Joseph Handleman “I Believe in You” Trust Foundation and an additional $4,000 personal donation from the United States. These donations supported the film “I’m Possible” about the inspiring story of Biba May from Prizren who has had muscular dystrophy since she was a child, but this has not stopped her from making a difference in this world and to achieve her dreams to make the world a better place.

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